• Linear Motors

    Linear Motors JTK Series

    The air-core type linear motor is suitable for precision motion because there is no cogging thrust.
    The maximum thrust range is 30N ~ 3000N, and the motor efficiency is relatively lower than the iron core type.
    The maximum thrust range is 30N ~ 3000N, and the motor efficiency is relatively lower than the iron core type.

  • Rotary DD Motors

    Rotary DD Motors JTR24 series

    The JTR24 series is a direct drive rotary motor.
    Outer diameter is 240mm, hollow is 52mm, interior is typical.
    High precision can be realized by adopting optical encoder.

  • Motion Stages

    Frame base Gantry Stage

    There are gantry, hybrid, cross type.
    Improvement in reducing cost, weight and delivery time is achieved by the development of stages without granite base.
    It is suitable for repair device or inspection machine which requires high speed operation.

Linear Motion Systems

Ever since starting business from manufacturing linear motors in 1999, Justek has contributed to the growth of Electronic Component industry by developing key components and devices for precision motion control essential to produce production equipment for semiconductors and FPD(Flat Panel Display) including rotary direct drive motors, servo drivers, multi-axis controller, and high precision motion stages.
In accordance with the customers' demands for high speed and high precision, Justek pursues completeness in direct-drive technology in linear and rotary motions. Based on expertise and experiences acquired during the last decade, Justek focuses on developing the state-of-the-art technologies for direct drive motion control to keep the technological leadership in the global market.
Justek also pursues better customer satisfaction through the close partnership. Justek strongly supports collaborative engineering with customers in developing new products and application systems. We are ready to help you experience the capability of Justek's system engineering through this partnership.

New Product

  • Due to the slim design, JTR15 provides a cost effective solution with high space efficiency.
    Its flange type design enables operation from the top of the motor.
    And it also gives the advantages of steady motion in constant speed and smooth rotation due to zero cogging.

  • - Outer diameter 150mm & Inner rotor type
    - Center hole : 28mm
    - Max torque : 4.2Nm
JTR24 series
  • The JTR24 series is a direct-drive rotary motor that does not require periodic maintenance.
    0 degree, 90 degree alignment and indexing are possible, and it has excellent repetition accuracy.

  • - Outer diameter 240mm & Inner rotor type
    - Center hole : 52mm
    - Max torque : 30Nm, 80Nm, 132Nm

Products & Specifications

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Linear Motors
  • Linear motors suitable for positioning systems requiring high precision and high acceleration
  • Applications : Industrial equipment, factory automation


Rotary DD Motors
  • Rotary DD(Direct Drive) motors suitable for systems requiring high torque and high resolution
  • Applications : Production equipment for wafer, LED and FPD, edge grinding equipment, printers


Motion Stages
  • Multi axis motion stages suitable for high precision position control systems
  • Applications : production equipment for PCB, FPD and semiconductors, inspection systems, scanning systems

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